There might not be anything I love more in this world than traveling. Working on the road is never as glamorous as people imagine — travel writers, they say, never go on vacation — but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Health and Fitness

Health is an endlessly fascinating topic for me, and I enjoy interviewing doctors and other experts, then finding the best way to convey the information I've learned to a publication's audience. I'm also an avid exerciser always up for first-person experiments.


This is a grab bag for the many stories I do that don't fit into one of my main specialties. I love being a generalist, and I'm confident in my ability to write stories on a huge range of topics. Plus, it keeps life from being boring!


Profiles are some of my favorite projects to work on — I love getting to know someone's story and finding a compelling way to tell it.


I fell into covering retail while working as an editor for a custom-publishing company with a number of retail clients back in 2007, and I've been honing my expertise and list of sources in the industry ever since.


I work with businesses to get their messages across in ways that fit the personality and voice of the company. I've written everything from websites to wine labels to welcome emails.

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